Manage from inventory control, shipping and
receiving to order fulfillment with barcoding system

Easy and Affordable Xinno-Warehouse Management 
Automatic Data Capture on Barcode reader and Mobile

Warehouse Management System acts as the center of your supply chain solution, integrating order and shipping management systems.  Xinno's Easy WMS delivers a powerful and flexible real-time warehouse management system that helps you boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment times, increase customer satisfaction ,and deliver a rapid return on investment.

Warehouse Management Systems runs your warehouse more efficiently with our web solution at wireless access points and wireless scanners. Turn your warehouse into an extended fulfillment enterprise with warehouse management systems from Xinno Technologies. Xinno's Easy WMS supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse without any hassle to install any software.   It is 100% web based application to work with your e-commerce website. 

If you have online orders coming to your e-commerce website - It automatically sends order information to Mobile Picking List in your warehouse.   You can pack shipment if you have stock available.. If not, you can create purchase orders directly to your vendors and get the orders fulfilled with no confusion.

Xinno Warehouse Management System Features are included as follows.

Integration platform between the warehouse, order and Inventory management, ecommerce or purchasing system

Real-time inventory Control

Wireless Scanner for put-away to picking and shipping Labels.

Bin Management

Multi Pick / Pack Methods

Stock Ceiling System

Improve inventory accuracy and labor productivity at the low cost

Reduce costs of handling process

Reduce processing time and increase accuracy


Order Management

Orders come in as below.



Picking come in as below.



Once you completed picking, picked orders will auto-move to shipping page.
On this page you can see the status of shipping for orders
and print the labels.


Packing List

You are able to make multiple packing lists for multiple boxes for 1 order.
This feature is needed in case too many products for 1 order
that you need to make multiple shipments for the same order.



On Supply Need tap -- you can see the stocks that are getting low and
need to reorder (You can reorder from this screen by issuing PO)



Warehouse come in as below.


Stock Control #1

Click (plus button) from prior page to see detail inventory
per detail product option


Stock Control #2

Click (plus button) from prior page to see detail inventory
per detail product option


Stock Control > Print a barcode

Click (print button) to print a barcode for a product.
You can print for all products on this page.


Setting > Data Import

Data Import from the Amazon or eBay.
Data Export to the Amazon, eBay or Quickbooks.